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DIY modder creates a great Xbox One – the Xbox Mini, MS should make it!

A DIY modder has been hard at work on severely reducing the size of the original X-box and making it into a sweet little design that perhaps even Nintendo would envy. He has downsized the moterhboard and power supply and while squeezing an 80GB hard drive into the case it would seem as if he removed the DVD drive but if it is modded then it can run stuff directly off of the hard drive. All of this is housed in a glossy black finished custom case. Just recently we heard cries that there should have been a revised Xbox in similar style to the PSTwo, and this DIY solution is a great example of what could have been MS’s direct rival to the Wii.


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Halo 2 comparison shots between Xbox and Vista

Halo 2 is finally making its way to the PC platform after its initial 2004 release for the Xbox console. The platform switch is perhaps unsuprisingly ensuring that Halo 2 looks better on Windows Vista than on the Xbox. PC resolutions will still give players a sharper, more detailed environments. Check out these comparison shots to see just how much better it looks.

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Six Ways to Spice up your Xbox – Mod It!

It may be the end of the origianl Xbox commercially, but Gamepro has offered six ways how we can all revitalize the original Xbox. Only ONE of the six suggestions does not feature some kind of modding (trade it in). Here are the rest 2) hardware mod 3) software mod 4) XBMC 5) HD upgrade and 6) Case mod.

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Super Mario War v1.7 Released

Super Mario War v1.7 Released

SmwStuff has released a game for the Xbox and PC made with the Xbox Development Kit. Features include: four player death match, an editor, and the entire source code.

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