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Full Guitar Heo World Tour set list revealed and package shot

Delivering unparalleled depth and diversity featuring some of the most prolific artists of all time including Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Van Halen, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Jackson and more, Activision Publishing, Inc. today revealed the highly-anticipated full set list for Guitar Hero® World Tour, the definitive rock ‘n’ roll music videogaming experience. Spanning over 40 years of rock history and featuring 86 tracks, comprised entirely of master recordings, the game will deliver Guitar Hero fans the largest selection of on-disc music in the music-rhythm videogame genre to date.


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Yoshida agrees with Tretton: PS3 is just scratching surface, it can do a lot more

Shuhei Yoshida has agreed with Jack Tretton – the PS3 is just scratching the surface, he asked us to look at the potential as Uncharted developers said they are using just 40 percent of the PS3’s power and Yoshida asserts this is totally true. Additionally he confirmed we will see visual leaps from the PS3 but they will be progressive, he asked us to speak to the Insomniac guys who will say there is a lot more that they can do with the PS3.

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Saints Row 2 to feature mini game called ‘Zombie Uprising’

It looks as if Saints Row 2 has something of a hidden gem in the form of an integrated mini game called ‘Zombie Uprising’. GameSpot notes that “Rather than a retro arcade game, this is actually a fully 3D zombie game that applies the look and feel of the regular game to a darker, more zombie-filled setting. In it you need to survive wave after wave of undead with a limited number of weapons and fellow survivors.” They add that it is like a poor man’s Left 4 Dead but believe it shows there is so much out there you can do in the game if you looking around.

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Star Wars: Force Unleashed is decent but far from perfect

IGN has posted up its review of Star Wars Force Unleashed and has awarded it a decent rating and score of 7.3/10. It seems to be a mixture of great things and poor things, which leaves them admitting that the game is far from perfect. Uninspiring level design and tedious enemy battles really take their toll on the promising aspects of the game. Moreover, the game lacks real long lasting appeal as it can last for around 8-10 hours even if you don’t rush but its worth a go if you’re a Star Wars fan.

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Force Unleashed has an alternate ending, but its not as good as original one

A gaming website has spilled the beans on the alternate The Force Unleashed ending. They tell us how to get it, although they remark that it isn’t all that rewarding but its a means to an end – grabbing all 1000 of the achievement points. Spoiler inside…

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Race Pro confirmed for January 09 release, demo coming before Christmas

RACE Pro, the ultra-realistic racing simulation exclusively for Xbox 360, is confirmed for release in January 2009. Atari also have said that a playable demo featuring online multiplayer and single player racing will be available via Xbox Live before Christmas. The games official site can be found here.

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Official Xbox 360 Red controller and charge kit coming end of September – $65

On September 30th, a new limited edition Red wireless Xbox 360 controller and play and charge kit bundle will be available across The States. The bundle will be on sale for $65 and the unique features of this compared to the blue and pink colors is that it is a “Limited Edition red finish, with newly designed black accents.” Ooh, black accents :)!

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EA on NHL 09 disc read error: Clear your cache

It seems as if clearing your cache is the temporary solution to every game bug on the Xbox 360. Many users have been complaining that NHL 09 is freezing up in the main menu due to a ‘disc read error’, and there are currently over 10 pages of complaints at the official EA forums. EA has responded on the matter at their blog by stating to the ‘RARE few that have it’, just go ahead and clear your cache.

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Third party opinion: Xbox 360 is the worst for hidden costs

According to UK’s Digital Spy website, the Xbox 360 is the worst console out there for potential hidden costs. In their article, they considered the following for the three different consoles: electricity costs, controllers, TV cables, connecting to the internet, other additions, quantitative total and in their summary believe the Xbox 360 comes out the worst.

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Terrible Madden 09 sales confirm Wii is inhospitable for third parties

Cowen Group analyst Dough Creutz has calculated that the Wii version sold 87 percent less units than the Xbox 360 version and 79 percent less than the PS3 version despite a LARGER install base and BETTER Metacritic rating for the Wii. “We continue to believe that the Wii is a relatively inhospitable platform for third-party publishers,” Creutz says.

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